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tanalicious 27 est she/her tana#0507
sup guys, i'm tana, one of the founding administrators of ignite. i'm usually around the site doing idle shit here and there, so if you ever need me, give me a shout on my discord, it's tana#0507. besides rp (which i hardly get the chance to do anymore since i'm so fucking busy. fuck u real life), i code, i made gifs, and occasionally i go on highkey very angry rants about marvel that usually end in a lot of upset feelings. i'm a huge comic book nerd, so if you ever wanna spaz about 616 verses, please give me a shout. also, did i mention i would die for tony stark. that's the most important thing you need to know about me, i bleed red and gold and i would cut a bitch for iron man. besides my unhealthy love for a fictional character, i got my sidepiece, jamie. jk, she's not a sidepiece and if she sees this shit, she'll probably cut me, but yanno, i like to stir the pot. LOL. anyway, jamie is my soulmate, my hoe, my best friend, and basically my other half. so if for some reason you need to reach me, and i'm not responding, jamie is the best way to get in contact with me. she's also my sexretary, and her work hours are between 12am-12am, Monday through Sunday.
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hi guise, i'm jamie. one of two original creators of ignite, it's been my baby from day one, and i've never stopped falling in love with it. my wife, tana, is literally the other half of my heart. she inspires me every single day. aside form that, i'm in nursing school and work full time, both of which keep me hella busy. i'm always on discord, tho, so hit me up if you need anything!
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hi, my name is kay (or you'll see me around as kayleen too probs) and i'm ignite's resident pain in the ass admin. lit. i'm a disability and rehab services major, hoping to become an occupational therapist in what seems like the very far future rip. i also double as a director of an independent living unit at a nursing home. occasional server by night. i'm not that exciting. i like to stay home on the weekends and rp bc i'm #wildaf. harry potter makes me cry. i love funny vids. rachel hilbert needs to marry me. and you should hmu so we can plot. xo
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aaron 25 pst pronouns aaron#7023
hello hello! i'm aaron and yes if you call me ay ay ron, i'll most likely respond because i love that key & peele 'substitute teacher' skit. i'm an incredibly awkward person but i'm pretty easy to talk to. i'm a married military member so i'm in the pacific timezone but i work night schedules. bob and tina belcher is a great way to understand who i am. if you ever need anything whether it be plots, graphics, help or if you want to geek out with me about doctor who (because i love it), feel free to hit me up on private message or on discord. ([b]aaron#7023[/b])
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marie 24 eastern she/her pm for discord
hey hey everyone!! i'm marie and i'm twenty-four years old. i live in the extremely boring state of ohio, located in the midwest of the united states. i'm currently a junior studying for my psychology degree and one day hope to work as a counselor to troubled youth. i love reading, writing, and playing video games in my downtime. nine times out of ten, i'm playing a video game if i'm not flailing about on ignite lmao. at the moment i'm currently unemployed, but i'm hoping to change that soon! i'm a proud cat mother and i will show you pictures of my smol child if you ask tbh. i'm into a ton of different fandoms so chances are, i'm into the same thing as you! pls feel free to message me for my discord and we can seriously chat about anything, whether it's plotting, our muses, mutual interests, etc. if you don't have discord, i'm just a pm away! i adore you all and can't wait to get to know those of you that i might not know well yet!! <3
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rad 27 pst she/her rad™#4631
Hey everyone! I'm radhika, though i usually go by rad. i go to school and work in human rights and when i'm not doing those two things i'm probably sleeping, watching tv or rping. and while i have your attention i really just want to say that......i don’t CARE how dreamy chris pine is the entire second princess diaries filme is unrealistic DRIVEL and does not deserve to be spoken about in the same BREATH as the first movie……….. mia thermopolis would NEVER have broken up with michael moscovitz the very idea of it shoud make us all SHUDDER it is the VERY DEFINITION of irresponsible filmmaking to even SUGGEST that mia would just FORGET about the man who SAW HER WHEN SHE WAS INVISIBLE!!!!!! i cannot BELIEVE the AUDACITY of some of you.

anyway hmu on discord if u want to discuss!!!!! or if you want to talk / plot / or anything really!
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alyssa 24 PACIFIC she/her alyssa#9371
hey everyone! if you don't know me by now, my name is alyssa. i've been on ignite for about a year and a half now, and i love making everyone feel welcome! i currently have a full time job and i'm studying to be a chemical dependency professional part time! i have a cat named s'mores (and i love sharing pictures so honestly tell me and i'll send about a million). i love writing and goofing around, but most importantly, i love all of you guys! if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just need someone to chat with or vent to, please hit me up on discord (alyssa#9371) or PM me!
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dia dhuit! my name's kayla but you can call me kaytoo or if you really wanna get on my good side fairy queen. as you can tell i am against all things extra and over the top. jk. i survive on glitter dust, smut and champagne. i work in an office doing admin work and posts when i can, see all the time. i'm originally from new jersey but moved to ireland six years ago where i met and fell in love with my beautiful wife. i live off dark plots and fluff. i'm always down for a good rf thread! if you ever have any problem, concerns, questions or just feel like gabbing feel free to add me on discord at: (Kaytoo #6970). happy lurking!

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 ❧ empty gold, 35, personal trainer, jason momoa
#ignite profile the details the basics full name: makoa hoapili. nicknames (s): koa. date of birth: november 26, 1980. age: 35. place of birth: kauai, hawaii. current residence: venice beach, california. ethnicity: hawaiian, samoan & polynesian. nationality: hawaiian. gender: cismale. pronoun (s): he, him. marital status: divorced single. religious affiliation: none. political affiliation: they're not any good anyway. occupation: former actor, now personal trainer. language (s) spoken: english, pidgin. appearance face claim: jason momoa. hair color: dark brown with blonde tips. hair length: long. eye color: brown. height: 6'6". weight: don't ask him that. skin tone: too perfect. build: muscular. tattoos: too many. scars: scar through his eyebrow from a bar fight. health physical ailments: none. neurological ailments: none. allergies: none. sleeping habits: 5-6 hours a night. eating habits: eats too much tbh, but mostly foods to keep his shape - lots of protein. exercise habits: daily. emotional stability: 7/10. sociability: 9/10. blood type: o+. addictions: none um maybe. prescription drugs? none. recreational drugs? the good ol' mary jane. sometimes he dabbles in stronger things. drinks alcohol? yes. smokes? yes. sex & intimacy sexual orientation: bisexual. romantic orientation: heteroromantic. current partner (s): a lot. commitment level: depends on how much he cares. prior partners: too many. type of lover: work-oriented, somewhat absent. analysis negative traits: self-centered, blunt, sarcastic, stoic. positive traits: loyal, ambitious, trustworthy. aspirations: basically just be happy with his new life. fears: failure. hobbies: working out, poetry, and video games. pet-peeves: laziness, people who bite their nails bad habits: working too much, being in his own world. family & friends mother: kai hoapili. father: kahale hoapili. sibling(s): none. children: definitely not. pet(s): he doesn't have the time. spouse: isabelle hoapili - ex-wife.
mikayla hoapili - ex-wife
best friends: tbd. close friends: tbd. other unmentionables: tbd.
typecast myers briggs: entj. zodiac: sagittarius. moral alignment: chaotic neutral. vices: alcohol, sex. element: fire. hogwarts house: slytherin. divergent faction: dauntless. sin: lust, pride. virtue: diligence.
the backstory when the sun rises makoa was born in kauai, hawaii to artistic parents. his father was a painter, and his mother was a photographer and a retired model. they weren't planning on having kids - in fact, his mother had been told that having a child would be difficult, near impossible, so to say the least, he was their miracle child.

in a way, his parents weren't really parents - they were more friends than anything else, and they had a really close relationship with their son. however, that also meant that they basically let him do whatever he wanted, so he was a bit of a wild child..

while out surfing as he usually did every morning, he was scouted by a modeling agency when he was 14. not wanting the so-called 'normal, boring' life of everyone else his age, so he went home to his parents and they decided to help him forward in that career.

quickly after getting signed with an agency, he got offered a small role in a television show, and he took it. finally finding what was his passion in life. a year later, he left the agency and pursued a career in acting, making the move to los angeles with his parents.

after being a successful actor, he started to fall into the life of fame. countless relationships, bad habits, wild nights, etc. however, after wanting to find his own identity, he decided to retire from acting after twenty years. he only just retired about six months ago, and since then, he's become a personal trainer, and he enjoys what he does. and he also enjoys the more free time that he has now.
makoa hoapili thriller account_circle platonic if you want a loyal friend, koa would be one of them. he puts the people he cares about first. he's outgoing and sociable, being that he doesn't really do well when he's alone, finding it easy to feel loneliness. he craves attention and he also craves the company of others.

he tends to be known to be someone who's spontaneous and maybe even a bit reckless. to him, he just lives life to the fullest, and does whatever he feels like at the time. he does like going out frequently, and in a way, some would consider him a party animal. all in all, he's someone who's a bit wild, but he's a great friend to have around.
romantic when it comes to his love life, it has always been a mess. he had been known - ever since he was a teenager - to always been involved with at least someone. or more than one person at a time. he was simply known as a playboy. he's been through a few marriages - his last one ending a year ago, around the same time that he retired from acting. truthfully, he just wanted to leave that life behind. and in a way, a part of him was always worried that people were just with him because of who he was.

his love life now is mostly just - as he calls it - 'free love.' he just does what he want with who he wants. he had spent most of his life just doing whatever his management would recommend when it came to romantic relationships. so he does hookup every now and then with people who he deems attractive, and he leaves it at that. though that's not to say he isn't interested in something more. he just feels like it isn't in the cards for him right now.
other considering that he has been in the entertainment industry ever since he was 15, he's bound to know quite a lot of people who are involved - especially those who were also actors. he was someone who was almost constantly involved in projects, so he worked with many co-stars and crew.

now that he's a personal trainer, he works with usually high-profile clientele. not necessarily by choice, but because he works for a gym in beverly hills. he also does pick up a few hours as a private personal trainer for some people as well. he loves his job, so he takes it seriously, but he does have a reputation for being someone who make it fun as well - not someone who makes it more difficult than it should be for people.
amelia age: 23 pronouns: she, her timezone: central location: midwest mature content: nope trigger warnings: rape, incest summary: i have an unhealthy obsession with game of thrones and mr. robot characters: click me
Nov 6 2016, 08:12 AM //
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Welcome to Ignite-Rp. Congratulations! Your shipper has been admin approved! Now, you may ask yourself, what does that mean? Well, it means that your character is officially a part of our site and you're all ready to start plotting. But before you do that, make sure you claim your face and add your character to the directory. Have fun plotting. Don't forget to hit up shippers that don't have replies yet!
accepted shipper!
welcome to ignite-rp!
Nov 6 2016, 11:21 AM //
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Ivan + Makoa
I always feel the need to apologize because I am awful at this but these two seem to have a lot in common and I can see them getting along? Ivan is still very new to Los Angeles at the moment, having moved here in the last few weeks from New York City. He is an extremely active individual, who is all about having a good time. He likes people, is extremely sociable and is no stranger to the party scene. He does do some work as a model and is actually a recognizable face in that regard but he really made a name for himself as a stage actor, having worked Broadway in starring roles for the last 20 years. Unfortunately he injured his knee pretty severely back in 2014 (Completely tearing his ACL and meniscus) which left him with some lasting instability and pain in that knee which has proven unable to hold up to the abuse of stage work. He moved to LA as an attempt to move into film.

Even with his knee issue he does keep active, he is an extremely athletic individual, always been one to work hard at keeping in shape and is frequent visitor to the gym. Since he is still working towards strengthening the knee maybe he could have sought out a physical trainer and someone pointed him Makoa’s direction and they can meet that way? But I think that they can be friends.
relationship goes here

Nov 6 2016, 02:15 PM //
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koa + linc
i have no idea what these two goobs are gonna be about but i think it'll be funny. lincoln 2.0 is more of a drunk trashcan. he's not aiming for long term sobriety. he's aiming for living as long as he can to put out as many movies as he can. he's blunt, brash, reckless. and most importantly, he's kinda obsessed with his physical being. he wants to look and feel good. as good as an aging alcoholic can be. in comes koa. not going to lie, lincoln would be attracted to him. but as far as the world knows, he's ~straight~ so he lives up to that image. he probably wouldn't say anything implicity but there'd be so much innuendo. lmfao so much bravado. i want to mash them together and see what happens.
lol who knows?
Nov 6 2016, 02:41 PM //
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koa + birdie
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yoooo i'm here to throw birdie at you~~ birdie is also a personal trainer who works at a gym, so maybe these two work at the same gym and probably talk at work or w/e??? they can be stupid together and be like "oooo sick gains bruh" and she'll let him bench her tbh. i think these two could be pretty good friends who would probably banter a lot?? like first of all birdie would have to get over being like lol duuuuude i saw you in that movie!!! but she'd move on from that ~exciting part of him pretty quickly and definitely wouldn't give him any special treatment because of who he is tbh. she's rly fiesty, but she makes an awesome pal~ i also think birdie would probably be like mega attracted to him? she's automatically like HUBBA HUBBA when she sees a guy working out but also like.... jason momoa..... wow.... so maybe they flirt a lil bit? she'd probably make some forward advances or innuendos from time to time but if she shot her down she'd be like ~hahaha that was a joooooke koa.... but yeah!! add/edit/delete <3
Nov 7 2016, 01:07 AM //
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good friends
nolan + koa
just piggybacking off of what you wrote!

how long as he been acting for bc nolan doesnt watch a lot of movies he does binge television series when he has the time (aka when his insomnia acts up) and im sure he would have seen koa in something right? i wouldn't say nolan would be starstruck but he would be like "wow im friends with someone famous thats cool" and listen to me, if nolan heard that he donated to the pound he would go out of his way to thank him like "hey pal you literally saved hundreds of lives thank you so much here have an edible arrangement on me" and yeah i think nolan's weird awkwardness wouldn't be an issue because he wouldn't want to annoy koa and yeah. buddies, definitely!!

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Nov 7 2016, 01:22 PM //
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koa + birdie
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awesomeeeee~ tbh she's a hoe like that too so?? def flirty coworker buddies n shit. birdie will always be like "ooooo what big muscles u have" and bat her eyelashes because she's an idiot n she's tryna go at him. do you wanna do a comm or rf or smth with them? i can start it <3
Nov 7 2016, 02:41 PM //